Friday, April 17, 2009

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #5; No Detention

I had a number of errands to run so I parked my car in a central location and went to the various places. After dropping mail in the mailbox across from the Everett arena. I heard a call go out about a complaint received from the Loudon Rd bridge about a white male, but the complaint wasn't known. Finally the full complaint went through. White male, 20s, possibly early 30s, light pants, white tee-shirt with a picture on the front, and baseball cap, and a pistol in a holster walking east bound. At this time I was heading back toward downtown, so I was westbound. I waited for them to report they spotted me. I never saw any cruisers as well. One officer responded with, "The only issue is a pistol in a holster?" I arrived at Loudon/Main St and saw some protesters across the street. I went to see who/what they were (Anti-Judd Gregg protesters, because he's against universal health care.)

As I was starting S. bound on Main St another officer comes on the radio and says, "The description sounds like 'That Activist'". It was entertaining to say the least. I went down toward the hobby shop to ask about radio controlled airplane. They didn't have them but told me where I could look. As I was leaving he asked, "Is that a real gun?" I turned and smiled, "Yes." and left.

As I was heading back toward my car I saw two officers walking. They were heading back toward their car. As I passed them they were getting into their car. I nodded to them.

No further contacts that I recall were reported. I went back to my car and continued my evening, which included OC'ing at Best Buy, Wal-mart and Dicks.

Video here


  1. pardon my language, but what kind of stupid dick would walk around with a fake gun on his hip, pretending it's real?

  2. I wanted to say, "It would be stupid to walk around with a fake gun." But instead, I think my smile and "Yes." worked just as well.