Friday, April 17, 2009

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #2; Detention #2

After walking around Concord enjoying nice weather I was detained by two officers. They asked for my name, which I provided. They ran my name I guess, and continued telling me I was doing nothing wrong and they have no reason to suspect that I had done anything wrong, just that 'they received a complaint' and had to come check it out.

After getting a response back from dispatch I was free to go. They said if I wanted to not be "detained" I could call and inform them I'm exercising my rights or provide them with a picture so they can just drive by.

Should I also call them to inform them I'm exercising my first amendment rights? Perhaps I should inform them I'm maintaining a blog*

* I wasn't intending on maintaining a blog until Incident #5 occured.

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