Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concord, NH: Open Carry Litter Clean up; Manchester Walk Around

We had 3 people (including me) up in Concord, NH picking up trash and keeping Concord clean! We were stopped by a couple from CT and we chatted about OC'ing and picking up trash. Silly me forgot about my camera and didn't record them.

Afterward I went over to Manchester for dinner with friends butwasearly so walked around Elm St.

Also, earlier in the day I was at Hannaford's and a gentleman asked me if it made me nervous, and I asked him "If what made me nervous?" He stated open carrying. I said no, not any more. We chatted for a while. Interesting conversation, wish I had my camera at that time as well. Should carry it more often I guess?

Video from Concord and Manchester

Friday, April 24, 2009

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #6; Detention #4: Video

The video I recorded from the incident can be see here.

I had a funny thought while compiling/uploading this.... I wonder if I could wander around with an EMPTY holster... and get detained :)

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #6; Detention #4

It happened again tonight. I was walking around Concord while waiting to meet someone and a call went in that I was walking around the river. I at that time was walking on Main. St heading back to my car to leave to meet a friend. I debating leaving or letting them find me. I decided we'd see if they detained me.

I walked back toward where the radio call came from and walked by a officer driving on Main St. She didn't stop me. Not sure if she had been looking for me or was on other business.

I got back toward the Capitol Building and hadn't been stopped yet. I debated just going to my car or continuing. I decided I'd head toward Center St then walk back around the back streets there back to my car. As I was passing the bus stop I saw an officer in the left turn lane turning onto Main St. It drove by and I assumed saw me. I figured they confirmed I was a known person, (side note, this time it wasn't 'it sounds like that activist, it was 'a known person from Dunbarton).

As I was walking up Center St. the officer drove by and pulled into a lot.

Got out of the car I got my camera up and did the "You're being video and audio recorded." Got the "No you don't." I turned the camera off, and meant to turn it on while I was speaking, but missed the first few times. At some point he questioned if the camera was off, and "if it wasn't and I recorded a single word of his he'd arrest me." He questioned the way I was doing things. I wasn't sure what things he was questioning. I just told him I want to be able to walk around without having to be detained. He asked if I talked to the chief and I said I had and he said he leaves the discretion up to the officers... and lets things be somewhat open.... he was one of the two officers from detention #2. He agreed that dispatch should get more details to determine if a crime was occurring by someone carrying a firearm but said I should talk to the chief of the city council to develop a plan.

I'll send the chief a letter this week.

I asked a number of times if I was free to go, and only received a shrug in response. After the fourth or fifth time I got a more affirmative response and left.

After leaving he reported I didn't give my name but that officer pearl and he had a contact with me a few weeks ago and they went up and back to look up and retrieve my name. I'm not sure for what purpose they tried to determine my name.

I also still wonder why I only have issues in Concord and have never been stopped in Manchester, Nashua, Londonderry, Derry, Salem, Hampton Beach or any other place I've OC'd?

Video and transcript or recording of police scanner will be available in the near future.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #5; No Detention

I had a number of errands to run so I parked my car in a central location and went to the various places. After dropping mail in the mailbox across from the Everett arena. I heard a call go out about a complaint received from the Loudon Rd bridge about a white male, but the complaint wasn't known. Finally the full complaint went through. White male, 20s, possibly early 30s, light pants, white tee-shirt with a picture on the front, and baseball cap, and a pistol in a holster walking east bound. At this time I was heading back toward downtown, so I was westbound. I waited for them to report they spotted me. I never saw any cruisers as well. One officer responded with, "The only issue is a pistol in a holster?" I arrived at Loudon/Main St and saw some protesters across the street. I went to see who/what they were (Anti-Judd Gregg protesters, because he's against universal health care.)

As I was starting S. bound on Main St another officer comes on the radio and says, "The description sounds like 'That Activist'". It was entertaining to say the least. I went down toward the hobby shop to ask about radio controlled airplane. They didn't have them but told me where I could look. As I was leaving he asked, "Is that a real gun?" I turned and smiled, "Yes." and left.

As I was heading back toward my car I saw two officers walking. They were heading back toward their car. As I passed them they were getting into their car. I nodded to them.

No further contacts that I recall were reported. I went back to my car and continued my evening, which included OC'ing at Best Buy, Wal-mart and Dicks.

Video here

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #4; Detention #3

I was detained while walking Westbound on Main St. Just west of Pleasent St. The officer got out of his car and asked if he could talk to me. I asked him what the problem was. He said someone complained about me open carrying. I said, "Ok." He asked if I would mind giving him my name. I said I did mind. He paused a moment and asked why. I told him why (I didn't feel that I need to indentify myself for lawfully exercising my Rights). He said he had no reason to suspect that I had commited a crime so he could only ask. I then asked if I was free to go, and I was.

Video of part of the incident

Concord,NH: Open Carry Incident #3; No Detention

I was wandering around Concord, NH to find a nice relaxing place to read a book. As I was halfway between the road and a bench, I heard a call on the radio. They were looking for me again. I didn't feel like walking back to the road for them to find me.

They arrived about 5 minutes later and didn't see me. They traveled down a side road or two and declared that I must have gone into a shop. I walked around Concord for another 2 hours about an hour or two after having sat down to read. No further incident.