Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concord, NH: Open Carry Litter Clean up; Manchester Walk Around

We had 3 people (including me) up in Concord, NH picking up trash and keeping Concord clean! We were stopped by a couple from CT and we chatted about OC'ing and picking up trash. Silly me forgot about my camera and didn't record them.

Afterward I went over to Manchester for dinner with friends butwasearly so walked around Elm St.

Also, earlier in the day I was at Hannaford's and a gentleman asked me if it made me nervous, and I asked him "If what made me nervous?" He stated open carrying. I said no, not any more. We chatted for a while. Interesting conversation, wish I had my camera at that time as well. Should carry it more often I guess?

Video from Concord and Manchester

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